Criminal and Civil Court Services

Criminal Court Advocates work directly out of the Golden Hill Street criminal court with the specialized Domestic Violence Docket. Court Advocates provide victims with advocacy, support safety planning and information to help them understand and navigate the criminal court process after an arrest for family violence. Advocates also ensure that victims are linked to appropriate supportive services at CWF or other community agencies.

An additional Civil Court Advocate is stationed at the Main Street civil courthouse. This advocate is available to help victims complete the paperwork necessary to obtain a Temporary Restraining Order (T.R.O.). The advocate also provides victims with advocacy, support, and safety planning during the T.R.O. filing process and hearings if needed.

Court Terminology

This guide will help you understand terminology that maybe used while you receive services from our court advocates. Download Here. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.

Contacting Court

Criminal Court Advocates on Golden Hill: 203-579-6750
Civil Court Advocate on Main Street Court House: 203-579-7211


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